Friday, April 7, 2017

blog comments

Hi Panmure Bridge School I’m Katipa from Paihia School. I hope you had a good time at your Camp. I wish I were you’s so I would not be afraid to go on a water slide, the monkey bars, the slide, the high ropes and the flying fox. And Iwonder what you had for morning tea, lunch time and finally dinner time. Hi Panmure Bridge School I’m Katipa from Paihia School. I’ve seen one of your classes google drawing about a kokako. And I see you google search about it’s diet, it’s predators,habit, facts and appearance.And I like that the kakoka can only be found in the south islands.And it nearly looked like you did descriptive writing for your facts. On week 7 I think we did a tryathlon at school, we went to the beach, we sat on grass then someone told us to go sit on the grass. Mrs williams told the year 8 boys to go first, then when we were sitting down we saw the year 8 boys splashing in the water.


  1. Hello Katipa
    My name is Jericho from Panmure Bridge School. It is very cool that you want to go camp so you can be more confident on trying new things. And while we where at camp for breakfast we had cereal and toast, for lunch we had sandwiches, and for dinner we had burgers, Burritos and more.

  2. Hi Jericho it's me Katipa from Paihia School. Thank you for the comment and those stuff are my favourite food to eat except burrito's