Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I'm comming home

"Hi guys good news I'm comming home 1 more week!"
I heard about that you guys sent some cards to make me feel better I - I don't know what to say you guys are the best thank you all so much. they  took out the feeding tube
if you didn't know about my tube
it was a thing that was sticking in my right side of my nose so I can eat and so that I didn't lose weight.  if you think it was anoying believe me it was they had to put the tube by my chin, up my ear and right in my side throat.
"okay better start to eat my dinner see you guys real soon?"
"yes eating food no more liquid food yay!"


  1. Hello Katipa,
    It’s Saff. Yay!!! You're coming back! We all have missed you so much. I am very happy to know you are coming back to school! Thank you for still blog posting so we can keep in touch with you.

  2. Hi katipa,
    Its Reitu. YES! You get to come home in 1 more week! I am so excited to seeing you. I like how you are not eating liquid food anymore.
    Why did the doctors put all those tubes in you?
    How did the doctors put the tubes in?
    Weren’t the tubes hoha?

  3. Hi Katipa,
    Wow! You are coming back in one more week! And I bet it was annoying eating liquid through a tube. I bet you enjoyed your dinner. See you soon!

  4. Hi Katipa,
    It’s Molly. You are so brave! Te Ngahere enjoyed making cards for you and are glad you like them so much. It is great that you have no more liquid food. Te Ngahere is excited to see you again soon.

  5. Kia ora, Katipa I really hope you are okay down there I really hope you have enjoyed those cards that we had sent down to you they are really beautiful and it will make you really happy.Te Ngahere can’t wait until you come back from the hospital. Paihia School is missing you so much.

  6. Hi Katipa,
    It’s Kiana. That is really cool that you are coming back to school in one week. I hope you are feeling well. Te Ngahere is looking forward to be seeing you.

  7. Kia Ora Katipa,
    It’s Arihia. It is very cool and exciting that you are coming back in one more week! I hope you are feeling well and Te Ngahere is looking forward to be seeing you next week.

  8. Kia Ora Katipa,
    It’s me Missy. That is really amazing that you are coming back in one more week. I hope you are feeling good and Te Ngahere can't wait. You must be very excited that you don’t have to eat through a tube.

  9. Hi Katipa, Great to hear that you can eat again. Te Ngahere wishes you all the best and hope you are doing well. Te Ngahere can't wait to see you. Once again, we all can't wait to see you ka kite. :)

  10. Hi Katipa,
    Great to hear from you. Hope you enjoy those cards we all sent to you. It’s great to hear that you don’t have that tube connected to your body to eat. Again, we all can’t wait for you to return. Remember we all miss you.

  11. Hi Katipa, I like to hear that you are feeling better in hospital. You must be very surprised that you don’t have to eat through a tube anymore. You must be very excited to come back to school in one week. Te Ngahere is looking forward to seeing you back in our class.


  12. Kia ora Katipa, It's good see you blog posting and I’m so happy you can eat again. I really hope you like my card I made you I loved making a card for you. Te Ngahere carn’t wait for you to come back next week and also hope you’re feeling well and great soon.

  13. Hi Katipa,
    That’s not good news, that’s great news! Everyone is excited for your return! Congratulations! You can eat solids again too! We hope you have good drive back home and return safely.

  14. Kia Ora Katipa,
    It is good to here for you and I hope you really liked the cards that Te Ngahere made for you. Thank you for posting, we all can not wait for you to get back. I hope you get well soon and come back to school soon.

  15. Kia Ora Katipa,
    It’s Alexsi, I hope you are feeling a whole lot better. We hope you are ok. It is good to hear that you aren’t eating out of a tube anymore. We can’t wait to see you in 1 more week. Get better!!!

  16. hi guys its me katipa . I'm here to answer all your questions. wow reitu all I have to tell you about why they put it in me because it helped me and my feeding. 2nd you got me their on that question but I think they thid stuck it up my nose and finale change that hoha to nucence